Roy Day, the Singing Pipeline Worker

Roy Day Album  

Roy Day appeared at Arctic Studios one day and wanted to make a record. During spare time, while working on the construction of the Alaska pipeline, Roy had written some songs. We agreed to help him and soon the studio was filled with musicians, backup singers, producers and engineers. Enjoy listening to 10 original songs by Roy Day.

When we were ready to get started recording, we asked Roy, "Ok Roy, what's the first song?"

"Pocket Friends" he said.

Oh no, we thought. This poor guy's been on the pipeline too long. Our minds wondered with strange ideas as to what the song was about.

"OK, We're Rolling. -- Pocket Friends, take one."

But soon our minds were put at ease as he began..."I keep my friends in my pocket....Jackson, Hamilton and Grant!"

Side A   Side B
I'm Just A Man



Mr. Lonely

Nine Weeks On

Nice Guy

Pocket Friends

One More Drink

Five Little Lines

Goin' To Alaska


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