Old Radio Programs from Anchorage, Alaska

Here I present some radio recordings from my collection. These are known as 'airchecks'. Most of the music is edited out, and this is for two reasons. One, we keep out of trouble with the RIAA, and 2, we are able to hear more of the announcer and local commercials. In the radio business we would say these airchecks are 'scoped'. This is an abbreviation for telescoped, just think of an old telescope being compressed.

G. Morgan S.

KENI July 17, 1967 13:01
This is actually Gene Shedlock. The show was called Morningside A-Gone-Gone because it followed Niteside A-Go-Go. Includes a young Al Bramstedt, Jr. reading the news.
Larry Larson

KHAR 14:05
Listen as Larry tries to promote the Heart Radio Radio Program Surfing Association. Includes 'Airwatch' traffic reports by Marshall Johnson.
Bobby Russell

KENI 1971 4:16

On a night that was 23° below zero!
Jim Cannon

KENI 1971 5:00
The Jimmy Boom-Boom Cannon program.
Larry Wayne

KENI 1971 3:06
Frank Tonnema

KHAR 1974 2:00
In his early years, Frank was known as Jerry Valley, and hosted the Coke Show on KENI (see below). After KHAR, Frank went to work at KFQD and was known as Frank James. The last we heard, he was living in Arizona, and owns a flower shop.
This Is Alaska

KHAR 2:23
A series called "Stories and Legends of the Big Country". Sponsored by the Yellow Cab Company.
Roy Otis

KFQD 1980 21:04
When the Anchorage teachers went on strike, Mark Lewis of KFQD went on strike too. So Roy Otis was brought in to cover his shift!
Steve London

KBYR 1973 6:23
Includes 2 versions of a commercial for my own Kwik TV Service.
Homer & Jethro

KANC 1979 18:16
Homer and Jethro were broadcast live from the Pines Club.
Ruben Gaines

KHAR February, 1974, Part I 15:00
Ruben Gaines

KHAR February, 1974, Part II 13:23
Newscast by Bill Blessington
Chuck Orr

KYAK 1971 1:09
1968 Fur Rendezvous

KENI-TV 1968 14:08
Audio only from the TV coverage of the final day of the Fur Rondy in 1968. Includes reporting by Dick Lobdell, Evan Swenson, J.J. Johnson, and Wally Christiansen in the KENI-Copter.

July 22, 1968 5:41
Newscast by Bob Jameson
Coke Show

KENI c.1968 7:20
Jerry Valley hosts the Coke Show from the Bun Drive-in. Jerry Valley was actually Frank Tonnema, and later went to work for KHAR (above). Ater that, he worked at KFQD and was known as Frank James. The last we heard, he was living in Arizona, and owns a flower shop.

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