What others are saying about Oldies from Alaska

  • I haven't heard these recordings since...can it be 36 years ago ???? Good lord, man.. good on you. I remember you like it was yesterday...thanks for the memories. - B.M. 8/29/08

  • It was great to actually hear my dad playing with the Pacemakers back before I was even born. Thank you for posting these songs! - A.B. 8/28/08

  • Seeing the OLD Pines brought back a lot of memories of some wild-ass times. Thanks...M.M. 6/21/08

  • What a great site! Thanks for the memories. - R.G. 2/23/08

  • I was delighted to find your 'Music of the 70's from Anchorage Alaska' - C.H. 1/20/08

  • I live in Fairbanks and I happend to run across your site the other day-I was very intrigued. Very well done, I really enjoyed your content. - B.B. 1/9/08

  • My name is Annie and I came across your site the other day. What memories! I was wondering if you have any other pictures or recordings of Warren Johnson and the Rising Tide? I haven't seen or heard from any of the other band members for 30 something years. Thank you for sharing these times. - A.S. 7/9/06

  • I enjoyed your web sight and will look for more to come Thank you. - P.L. 9/13/05